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DATA NETWORK protector polyphaser NX2-60

The NX2-60 series is designed to provide protection for STP applications. Protection is accomplished in both differential and common mode. All eight pins are protected line-to-line and line-to-ground. The maximum surge current handling of this device is 100A, 10/1000us as defined by Bellcore 1089. This unit is useful for 10/100 BaseT and E1/T1 applications. These devices must be grounded for optimum performance.

Quantity : 200 units

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Product Description

Application: CAT5/6,10/100BT,ISDL,DSL
Pairs Protected: 1/2, 4/5, 3/6, 7/8
Pins Protected: All 8, L-L, L-G
Resistance: 0.0
Turn On Voltage (Volts): +/- 70 V
UL Approved and Listed: UL497B
Freq. (MHz): NA
Mounting: Flange
Protected Side Connector: RJ45 Jack
RF Power (Watts): NA Watts
Surge Side Connector: RJ45 Jack

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